Izu Ukaozor

Bitcoin Vs Fiat money.

Both Bitcoin and fiat money deliver great utility, but are different in some key ways.

Here are the differences between Bitcoin and Fiat currency.

1. Bitcoin is decentralized, but fiat is Centralized.

2. Bitcoin operates via P2P, while fiat is controlled by the government.

3. Bitcoin is fast and efficient, fiat is inefficient.

4. Bitcoin has limited supply, but fiat does not.

5. Bitcoin is scarce and fiat money is not.

6. Bitcoin has great volatility, fiat money is less volatile than bitcoin.

7. Bitcoin is protected by cryptography, fiat money is tied to tied to government-issued currency.

8. Bitcoin is digital medium of exchange, while fiat is physically medium of exchange.

9. BITCOIN: Determined by supply and demand. FIAT MONEY: Determined by marker and regulations.

10. Bitcoin is censorship-resistance while Fiat money is not.



Izu Ukaozor

Izu Ukaozor

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